How to choose the right readymade curtain for your home

Mollers make Readymades so simple - whatever your budget or the look you'd like to achieve - we have the curtain!

Pencil Pleat Styling
This is our most popular heading style as it allows you to adjust the gathers to the fullness you prefer, and gives more flexibility when selecting the size for your window.

Tab Top Styling
For a more fashionable look, Mollers can offer a variety of Tab Top Curtains. In plain fashion shades with quality Thermal lining for extra weight and insulation.

Eyelet Styling
Chunky Stainless Steel Eyelets suit modern fuss-free homes. Lined or unlined in a choice of widths.

Sheers Styling
Filter out bright sunlight, and add privacy to your room. Mollers have a full range of designs to choose from.


Homewares - for style

Mollers is not just curtains, we have now added complimentary Homewares to our range.

Bedding, Manchester,Blinds and Home accessories – all with the same Mollers for style.




A selection of linings to suit all homes

Thermal Lined - for light and temperature control

Designed for New Zealand conditions, Mollers Thermal Lined Curtains help block out bright light morning and evening.

The Thermal qualities also help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Our thermal lining discourages mildew from forming and gives curtains a clean smart appearance when closed.

Check These Features:

- Reduces light
- Insulates your home
- Assists in saving energy
- Mildew resistant
- Easy Care

Blockout Lined

For additional light control, some of our Readymade Curtains have extra layers of Thermal lining. Ask retail staff to help you or phone us (0800 665 5377) for your nearest stockist.

Fabric Lined

For a custom-made look, Mollers also have a range of curtains with attached polycotton lining.

These curtains feature superior fabrics like Sateens, Jacquards and Textures with European influenced designs exclusive to Mollers.