How to measure your curtains

Use a steel tape measure for accuracy.

Measure from the top of the curtain track to your required length for the curtain DROP. If you don't have an existing track, measure from the top of the window.

Measure the WIDTH of your existing curtain track. If you don't have a track, measure the window WIDTH and allow 20cm at each side to clear the window.

Check your measurements against our standard Readymade Sizes available on shelf.


Standard Readymade Sizes


(from track to finished length)

160cm (window)
205cm (ranchslider)
220cm (in some retailers)


(estimated coverage when the heading is gathered)

One pair to fit a curtain track

Up to 150cm
(ungathered 230cm)

150cm to 230cm
(ungathered 340cm)

230cm to 300cm
(ungathered 460cm)


How to hang your readymade curtain

Check the back of your curtain pack for easy-to-follow instructions or ask retail staff when you make your purchase.

1. Lay your curtains out on a flat, clean surface. Note the pull cords attached to the tape at the heading end. Check your fabric care code/guidelines to see if you can iron. If ironing is permitted, gently iron out any packaging creases using a cool/warm setting. Ensure you iron on the fabric side only.

2. (See Illustration on right) Pull the cords free at one end of the curtain tape. Tie a knot in the cords to prevent the cords pulling back through the tape when gathering.

3. (See Illustration on right) Insert the plastic hooks into the loops on the tape, one in every fourth pocket. The hook is inserted into the pocket upside down then rotated to hook downwards.

4. Pull the cords at the opposite end to your knot, and push the fabric in the opposite direction until the curtain covers the required window width.

5. Tie a knot in the cords and conceal the hanging ends behind the curtain. Do not cut the cords beyond the knot - remember you will need to stretch the curtain flat to clean it and reuse the cords to gather again afterwards.

6. Hang your curtains and ensure the heading is gathered evenly across the drape.


Looking after your curtains

All fabrics benefit from regular care and attention to stay looking good for years. We strongly recommend vacuuming to keep dust from marking and discolouring curtains. However should you wish to refresh your curtains pay particular attention to the Care label stitched into your curtains.

Should you choose to wash, we recommend a cold water and wash,using the bath.

Pay careful attention to the  detergent used making sure to avoid any with bleaching agents or “optical brightening” chemicals as these can change the colour of the curtains dramatically.

Then hang each curtain by its hooks to dry, avoiding the coated sides touching, and preferably in the shade.


Exposure to Sunlight and Damp

We use specialist dyes and printing techniques on all Mollers Curtains so they are as colour fast as possible.

However, if any Curtain is hung on a north facing window in the brightest sunlight, fading can occur.

We suggest you pull Curtains back to clear the window as much as possible during the day, and consider hanging double-fullness Sheer curtains to help filter bright light.

Changing curtains from one side to the other , especially during summer can more evenly expose the leading edge of the curtains to the brightest sunlight.

If you hang curtains on the opposite side of the house, where it is always dark and damp, try and ensure fresh air circulates or use a dehumidifier to prevent mildew forming.